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Health Freaks’ started with an objective to make ‘best in class fitness facility’ accessible to people. The club intends to provide 3 basic milestones to its members:

Deliver what the members visit us/pay us for. Help them achieve their fitness goals – whether it’s losing, gaining or maintaining body weight, building muscle, gaining muscle strength, gaining body flexibility or just living a healthy and energetic life.

Enable them to take each and every step towards their fitness goals and eventually help them make fitness a part of their lifestyle. To encourage them to hit the gym every single time they feel like quitting!!!

We, at Health Freaks believe that fitness is fun and we intend to create a similar experience for our members. We strive to create an experience that our members would look forward to…EVERY DAY!!!

Yes… we want you to be a ‘Health Freak’. Believe us, its fun and we’ll make it happen for you.

The club is run by Ankur Choudhary – A Health Freak who’s own weight loss experience pushed this Management Graduate to leave his 7 years of MNC job experience and start a best in class fitness facility and make healthy lifestyle accessible to people around him. He is well supported by his team of certified trainers and nutritionists.


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